Back pain can completely disrupt your life. The back is a major part of your core and where much of your physical activity is centered. If you are one who stays stressed on a regular basis, this can be one cause of your back pain. Stress-related back pain is a common problem and is the reason so many choose to find ways to get help for their anxiety. The following is information about stress-related back pain and how you can overcome it:

Causes of Stress-Related Back Pain

Many physicians believe that the cause of stress-related back pain is only partially caused from stress. While anxiety and stress certainly exacerbates the pain, there is a physiological issue that is ultimately the source of the pain. One common reason for the pain is muscle tension. When you are stressed, the muscles will restrict and cause pains to the areas of the body that are already prone to pain. The back is home to many muscles that help you remain upright, and they are highly affected when they become tense. This can be a contributing factor to your back pain.

Your stress can also be causing additional problems that will ultimately lead to back pain. Your posture can become affected when you are stressed. Those who are experiencing anxiety tend to slouch and sit in uncomfortable positions that will lead to back pain. Stress and anxiety also can cause you to become overly sensitive. Back pain that once may not have been as noticeable can become very prevalent when you are stressed out. Both of these factors can lead you to move in unnatural ways in an attempt to alleviate this pain. If you are twisting or moving your back in order to make it feel better, you could actually be doing additional damage and ultimately prolong the pain.

How to Alleviate Stress-Related Back Pain

There are several things you can do to help ease your pain caused by stress. Paying attention to your posture is one way. Do not overthink how you are sitting, but try to pay attention. If you feel yourself beginning to slouch, take a moment to straighten up a bit to sit in a more natural fashion.

Massage is another great way to alleviate pain. It works out the balls of stress in the back muscles to help ease the tension.

Exercise and becoming more mobile can also be helpful. If you are able to move without hurting yourself, take some time each day to do some light exercise. A simple walk can be very beneficial. Avoid lifting anything heavy or stretching in a way that can overexert those muscles.

Back pain is one pain that can have a serious effect on your life. If you are experiencing pain, consider your stress level. Reducing your anxiety can be one easy path to healing. Check out sites like for more information.