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3 Holistic Approaches To Anxiety

Anxiety can impact every aspect of your life. At its worst, it can leave you unable to perform everyday tasks. Medical intervention is usually needed. Some people are also relying on more holistic measures to help ease symptoms. If you are considering a holistic approach, here are some possible treatments. 


Ayurveda is a holistic approach to treating anxiety that relies on herbs and changes to your lifestyle to get relief from symptoms. The treatments center on balancing your energy. In Ayurvedic beliefs, when your vata is imbalanced, you can experience anxiety. 

The vata is the energy that is responsible for controlling your body’s circulation, breathing, and heart rate. When it is imbalanced, all of these can rapidly increase and cause you to experience anxiety. 

An Ayurvedic practitioner will assess your condition and make treatment recommendations that could include the use of herbs to draw toxins from the body that could be affecting your blood circulation. You might also be encouraged to meditate or try yoga. 


As with Ayurveda, acupuncture focuses on your body’s energy. In acupuncture, it is believed that your energy force is responsible for regulating your body’s health. When the energy force is disrupted, anxiety can occur. 

Acupuncturists believe that by inserting needles at certain points, the energy force can be restored and the symptoms of anxiety will be alleviated. You might be hesitant to try it, but the Anxiety and Depression Association of America states there is evidence that the practice is effective in treating anxiety. 


When your anxiety levels are high and you are on the verge of experiencing a panic attack, you need to act quickly to avoid it. One quick-acting method you can use is aromatherapy. Certain scents can have a calming effect that immediately helps to lower your blood pressure, which rises when you are anxious. 

If opting for aromatherapy, there are certain scents to look for. Lavender is one of the most commonly used. It can help ease irritability and restlessness caused by anxiety. Other scents to consider include rose, chamomile, and bergamot. 

If possible, look for pure essential oils of the scents you choose. Diluted scents are not as effective. 

Before starting any holistic approach to anxiety, talk to your doctor first. It is especially important if you are taking any prescription medicine. Some herbs can sometimes interfere or adversely interact with those medications. Provide updates on your condition to your doctor so that he or she can help you evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments you have tried. 

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Bathroom Remodels For Seniors: How To Make Your Bathroom Safe And Comfortable

Bathroom remodels to accommodate elderly loved ones can offer a great way to keep your relative safe and secure while helping them to maintain a sense of independence. If you have an elderly loved one living at home, or if you want to retrofit his or her home for added safety, here are a few changes you can make to keep the bathroom safe.

Walk-In Tubs

Climbing in and out of the bathtub can be a challenge for older relatives with limited mobility, and stand-up showers bring with them the potential for slips and falls. Walk-in tubs combine the convenience of walking into a shower with the therapeutic benefits of soaking in a warm bath. These tubs come with enhanced drain systems, so water drains away quickly. This means your loved one can leave the walk-in tub within minutes of finishing a bath. Some tubs come with water jets that offer massage therapy for tired muscles and sore joints. Consider replacing the bath/shower combo in one bathroom in the home with one of these convenient walk-in tubs.

Chair-Height Toilets

Chair-height toilets provide an easier way for loved ones to take care of their daily needs. The higher seat level makes it easier to stand up and sit down with each use, and some toilets come with seat cushions for added comfort. Be sure to add grab bars on the walls to help your loved one maintain stability while using the toilet.

Emergency Call Buttons

It is estimated that 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 fall in the home, and 80 percent of these falls occur in the bathroom. If you are concerned about your loved one’s risks of falling, adding an emergency call button may be the right option for you. These buttons can be linked to your home security system, and when pressed, they can alert first responders to your loved one’s bathroom. This option is ideal if your relative spends a lot of time alone in your home or if your loved one has his or her own home.

Additional Safety Equipment

Some changes to your bathroom don’t require a complete bath remodel. If you are on a budget, consider some temporary changes that can help to make the room more safe. Some options might include nonslip mats on the floor or a toilet safety frame with grab bars that fits around your toilet. You can even replace your existing towel holders with models that feature built-in grab bars for added safety.

Talk to your contractor about different remodeling options to create a senior-friendly bathroom, and be sure to discuss any specific needs or limitations with your loved one’s doctor so you can create the optimum bathroom environment for safety and comfort.  

For walk-in tubs, click on this link or do an online search. 

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