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Breast Enhancement Surgery Questions and Answers

It is an unfortunate fact that many women are unsatisfied with their appearance. In particular, it is common for women to be dissatisfied with their breasts, and whether the dislike stems from genetic size or from the results of a mastectomy, it can create some self-esteem issues. Fortunately, there are breast-enhancement procedures that can create the look that you want for your body. Deciding to undergo this cosmetic procedure is a serious decision, and you may want to have a couple of questions answered before you can confidently decide about this surgery. 

Will the Procedure Produce a Natural-Looking Breast?

You may be concerned that breast-enhancement procedures will be extremely noticeable. Not surprisingly, this can cause some women to avoid undergoing surgery because they do not want to take the risk. However, it should be noted that a skilled surgeon can enhance your breasts in such a way that it will be all but impossible for other people to tell you had surgery. 

It should be noted that this may limit the size of implant you can receive. The optimal size will depend on the amount of skin and fat in this area of your body. To help you have a better idea of what size implant you need, the cosmetic surgeon may be able to show you a computer generated image of what your body will look like with implants of varying sizes.

What Will Your Recovery from Breast Enhancement Be Like?

Another concern that some patients may have is that recovering from this procedure will be extremely lengthy and painful. However, this is usually not the case, and patients should expect the worst soreness from this procedure to start subsiding within a few days of the procedure. If you notice the pain worsening or discoloration starting to show, you should immediately contact your doctor because this may indicate an infection has developed. 

During the recovery, you may be required to return to the doctor for follow-up exams. These exams are designed to ensure that your body is adjusting to the implants, and you should expect to make these visits for at least the first few weeks following this procedure. 

Undergoing a breast enhancement surgery can be a great way of achieving the body you have always wanted. Yet, many potential patients are uninformed about this procedure. Knowing the factors that will contribute to you having a natural-looking implant and what should be expected while recovering from this procedure can help you decide if this surgery is for you. Speak with a representative from a facility like the Center For Plastic Surgery to learn more.

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Three Great Birth Control Methods To Consider

If you are sexually active, but not ready to have children, you need to look into some birth control options. Thankfully obstetrics and gynecology medicine has developed to the point that you have plenty of options to choose between. For this reason, you should make sure that you look into the birth control method that suits you the best. To get a glimpse of some popular birth control options, read this article.

The Birth Control Pill

Birth control pills are one of the most proven forms of contraception available. This pill works in a way that controls your cycle and prevents an egg from being released and fertilized. There are a number of different pill forms you should take, some of which work so that you don’t have a period every single month. Other pills allow you to still have regular periods, but you will need to make sure that you take the pill at or around the same time every day. The pill is best used by women who are under the age of 35, because when you get older, the levels of estrogen included in the pill can put you at risk for blood clots. 

The Cervical Cap

If you don’t mind a more hands on birth control, the cervical cap is an excellent option. This cap is applied directly over your cervix in order to prevent contraception. It contains spermicide, which kills sperm cells that would otherwise fertilize the egg. This cap should not be worn for more than two days at a time. For best results, you will need to get this cap from your doctor, to make sure that it does not slip or give you discomfort. 

The Birth Control Sponge

When you want a birth control method that is easy to apply, consider the birth control sponge as an option. This sponge is infused with spermicide, so that your eggs and the man’s sperm don’t combine. The sponge is made of foam and can easily installed inside of your vagina before having sex. These sponges come in packs and typically won’t cost you any more than $15. You should always check with your doctor to make sure that this form of birth control is suitable for you based on your health history and your current records. 

If you are looking to protect yourself during sexual intercourse, consider the birth control methods in this article. To learn more, visit an office like Bee Ridge Obstetrics Gynecology

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