Have you been struggling to get around after a stroke had an effect on your ability to move your legs? You may need a nurse to come to your house and help you stay active, as failure to move your legs regularly can lead to other health problems. In this article, find out what kind of services a home care nurse can provide to aide with your healing progress and personal needs.

How Can a Home Care Nurse Help with Stroke Complications?

A home nurse can help with the stroke complications that you already have like partial leg paralysis and can also help you prevent further complications. For instance, failing to move your legs to keep blood circulating can lead to a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It is a condition that can raise your blood pressure and cause blood clots in your legs that can travel to your lungs. A home care nurse can help by giving your legs a massage on a regular basis to keep blood moving through your veins.

A home care nurse can also help you keep your blood pressure down by making sure you are taking your medication. If a problem arises with your blood pressure, the nurse will take notice before it leads to you having another stroke or even a heart attack. He or she will call for an ambulance or transport you to the hospital if your blood pressure does not reach a safe level. You can count of the nurse to check your vitals each time he or she visits your home.

What Kind of Personal Services Can a Home Care Nurse Provide?

You will receive personal services that include light cooking, help cleaning up .and errand running. The nurse will make sure that you are transported to and from your medical appointments, which can be helpful when you don’t have full use of your legs to drive. You can also been driven to shopping centers, movie theaters and other leisure activity outings.

Help with bathing and dressing is also provided by a home care nurse. The nurse can bath your body completely, or he or she can just assist you with getting in and out of the bathtub. You can get help with brushing your hair, picking out daily outfits and keeping your teeth clean. Hire a home care nurse to assist with your stroke complications as soon as possible!

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