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Breast Augmentation: How Big Can You Go?

Women who are unsatisfied by the size of their breasts often have breast augmentation. The big question here is, how big can you go? There are limitations to breast implants because of the major health risks involved, and if you are one of hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S. looking to plastic surgery to change your cup size, you should know the reasons behind these limitations.

Two Cup Sizes Per Surgery

Even if you are practically flat chested and resemble a teenage boy in profile, most cosmetic surgeons will only add two cup sizes to your breasts per augmentation surgery. The smaller your rib cage, the less flesh you have to stretch over the implants, and going too big too quickly can cause the implants to poke through your sutures, or worse. Once the swelling has gone down and you have completely healed, you may decide that your new breasts are just the right size. Of course, the opposite could happen and you could decide that they are just a little too big. If you want them reduced a little, your plastic surgeon would put you back under the knife, remove the implants and then draw out some of the saline or gel to make them smaller.

Waiting to Go Bigger Is Safer and Smarter

In the event that you still want to go bigger, you will have to wait a few months to see how your body reacts to the implants. If they are accepted and tolerated by your immune system without any infection, you can have more augmentation surgeries to make your breasts bigger. Just be aware that most plastic surgeons will refuse to do any more surgeries on you if you begin to show signs of poor physical or mental health, due to your breasts being too large or your belief that size triple F is not large enough.

When No Plastic Surgeon Will Make Your Breasts Larger Than a Triple “F”

It is unfortunate when some patients feel that the size of their breasts is still too small, even when they can no longer find shirts and bras to support what they have. Usually, these patients will fly to other parts of the world, like Brazil, to have additional augmentation surgeries because no American cosmetic surgeons will perform any more procedures on them. Do not go this route. Find the most comfortable and natural-looking size of implants for your frame and you will have a lot less pain and discomfort later on, because your new breasts are the right size for you.

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4 Tips For Taking Excellent Care Of Your Eyeglasses

As someone that wears glasses, whether all the time or only occasionally, you need to make sure that you are keeping them in as good of shape as possible. In order to help you achieve that goal, you are going to want to make sure that you are making use of the following four tips.

Rinse With Water

Before you simply grab a rag and start rubbing the lenses of your glasses, you need to rinse both sides of the lenses with water. This is the best way to make sure that you are removing any small particles or dust that could end up causes scratches when you rub with the cloth.

Air Dry When You Can

If there are not any smudges that you need to wipe off, you might be able to avoid using a cloth on the lenses. When there is nothing but a little dust on your glasses, you can rinse them with water and then allow them to air dry. Air drying is the best way to make sure that you protecting the glass or plastic lenses.

Only Use Cotton Cloths For Cleaning

When you do need to use a cloth on your glasses, you need to make sure that it is a pure cotton cloth. A cloth made from any other materials will end up scratching up your glasses. Therefore, you want to avoid using paper towels, dish towels, and your shirt. Your eye doctor and even your local large chain department store should have a variety of small cloths that are designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses.

Store Properly

Whether you only take off your glasses at night when you sleep or at various times throughout the day, it is vital that you are using proper storage. The last thing you want to do is to accidentally sit on your glasses, have the cat knock them to the ground, or have a dog think they are a chew toy. Therefore, store your glasses in a hard eyeglass case and keep it up out of reach of children and pets.

With these tips in mind, you should have no problem making sure that your eyeglasses last as long a possible without getting scratches or becoming completely dismantled by a foot. After all, even if you have every intention of purchasing new eyeglasses every year, you will want to make sure that you are keeping a backup pair should you misplace your new glasses.

For more information, visit sites like

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Keeping Warm This Winter– All You Need To Know To Avoid Frostbite

With the weather becoming colder, you could become increasingly at risk for cold weather injuries to your hands and feet. One of the most common injuries in freezing weather is frostbite. If you are not careful, you can quickly suffer from frostbite in your hands and feet when exposed to freezing temperatures. Here are some things you need to know:

How Does Frostbite Occur?

Frostbite is basically when the tissue on your body becomes frozen when exposed to prolonged freezing weather. It is caused by decreased blood flow to your extremities, which affects how adequately heat is spread to the body. Some of the most commonly affected areas include the ears, hands, feet, nose, and cheeks. When you get frostbite, the cells on that part of the body die and can cause serious damage.

What are Some Symptoms?

The signs and symptoms of frostbite will vary from case to case. It will depend on the severity of the injury, but most people with this condition suffer from burning pain, numbness, tingling, and clear blisters that appear on the skin. If the condition becomes even more severe, you could lose complete sensation in the affected area. The skin could also begin to change color to a gray or pale yellow, indicating that the cells in that area are damaged.

Are There Any Cures?

Again, curing frostbite will largely depend on how severe the case is. In many cases, you can heal the area by quickly re-warming the part of the body by submersing it in warm water for a long period of time. If you think you have frostbite, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention as soon as you can in order to accurately diagnose the level of damage. There are some cases in which people lose appendages because they didn’t get help quickly enough.

What can be done to Prevent Frostbite?

Preventing frostbite is quite easy. First, you should always have the appropriate gear for whatever temperature you will be exposed to. If you know you are traveling to arctic temperatures, heavy down coats, pants, gloves, and hats should be worn at all times. You can also prevent frostbite by getting out of the cold on a regular basis. If you encounter an emergency and find yourself stuck in the cold weather, you can protect your hands and feet by wrapping them in any plastic bag you can find in order to keep the cold air and dampness away from your skin.

Frostbite is especially hard on the feet, so it is important that you take very good care of your feet. Be sure to always wear thick socks and keep them dry as possible. Contact a podiatrist for more information about foot care.

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3 Things You Need To Know About Seeing An Allergy Doctor

If you have allergies you might be suffering a great deal. This is because allergies can range from mild seasonal allergies, to life threatening allergies to certain foods or pathogens. Here are some things you need to know about seeing an allergy doctor.

1. Don’t Delay Treatment

It is alarming how many people wait to see an allergist. Many people wait for years in total discomfort before they actually get the help they need. There really is no need to suffer. Instead, if over-the-counter medications are not providing the relief you need, you should see an allergist, like one at Allergy Partners of Fredericksburg. They have treatments they can give you to manage the symptoms. In addition, they can give you helpful information about how to lessen the symptoms through lifestyle and environment.

It should be mentioned that if you, or your child, suffer from any type of asthma it is essential you see an allergist. Asthma can be very serious and can even be fatal for some. There are great treatments available for people suffering with asthma, so you need not suffer.

2. Take Your Symptom Journal

Another important thing is that you keep track of your symptoms. If you are dealing with strange seasonal allergies, food allergies, or even asthma, it is important you can chart when they are worse and what triggers the reactions. The easiest way to do this is to keep a symptom journal.

You should be writing down when the symptoms start, including the amount of time after exposure you start to have the reaction, what caused the reaction, and any other information that might be pertinent. If the allergist can look through your symptoms journal, it will help them to determine what they are dealing with and what the best treatment will be.

3. The Appointment Could Be Uncomfortable

Many allergists will do something called a scratch test to determine the allergies. These tests are very accurate, but they can be uncomfortable. When you get a scratch test the allergist will prick the skin and then drop some of the possible allergens on the exposed skin. If the skin becomes irritated they know you are having an allergic reaction. If there is no reaction, this allergen is not dangerous to you.

After the scratch test you can expect some discomfort in the area until it heals. For some people this can take hours or even a day or two.

By doing these things you can get the most out of your visit with the allergy doctor. 

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Choosing Between Standard And Wiley Protocol Hormonal Therapy For Hot Flashes

You have become interested in hormonal replacement therapy because of your debilitating hot flashes. Someone who has never experienced your level of discomfort during these episodes would have trouble understanding. You may deal with multiple, unpredictable instances of sudden overwhelming body heat and intense sweating, along with sensations of faintness and nausea. Consider some important information before deciding between standard hormonal therapy and the Wiley Protocol.

Safety Issues With Traditional HRT

The traditional medical way to relieve hot flashes and other unpleasant symptoms of menopause is to take synthetic hormones. Estrogen is the primary hormone provided, having been derived from the urine of pregnant horses. A resulting blend of hormones is very effective at reducing menopausal symptoms, but it is linked with serious health problems. 

Women have increasingly avoided this therapy since studies indicated an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Those who find their menopausal symptoms to be particularly bothersome, however, may choose this therapy at least on a short-term basis. Hot flashes and symptoms such as insomnia and vaginal dryness can substantially decrease a woman’s quality of life. 

Animal Cruelty Issues With Traditional HRT

Many women are uneasy about the way pregnant mares are treated in the effort to collect large amounts of their urine. The horses are confined to narrow stalls for most — if not all — of the day, where they constantly wear urine collection bags. They spend years going through pregnancy after pregnancy in this manner. 

The Wiley Protocol for Hot Flashes 

Rather than using synthetic hormones created from horse urine, the Wiley Protocol uses bioidentical estrogen hormones from plant sources. This is a more natural source of estrogen that is not as intense as the form derived from horses. 

The Wiley Protocol also includes a male hormone extracted from animal glands. A small amount of male hormone — such as testosterone — safely enhances the effects of the estrogen. It also may boost your sex drive, which may be appealing if menopause has had a negative impact in that area of your life. 

Making Your Decision

Talk with your doctor about bioidentical hormone therapy and see whether he or she is willing to write you a prescription to purchase in a compounding pharmacy. Some doctors would rather stick with the traditional therapy, in which case you may need to find a physician with a more holistic point of view. It makes sense to try the more natural form of hormonal therapy and learn whether it works for you before deciding to move on to a stronger synthetic version. 

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